Clear, Crisp Copywriting – Without Fluff

Copywriting is the bread and butter of a website. Every public communication between you and your visitors is in the form of web copy – words published online to entice people to learn more about your online business, to become a loyal customer, and to preach your virtues to all their friends.

However, you may not be in an optimal position to pinpoint the unique selling points of your small business – especially if you are just starting out. Creating a small business is a monumental task! Even taking your offline business online feels like you have just dove into a huge pond – and you are the tiniest fish.

A Helping Hand Through the Online Business World

My name is Kimberlee Ferrell, and I am here to help! Whether you are familiar with SEO copywriting and search engine marketing, or are discovering these keywords for the first time, I can take the load off of your shoulders.

I write web copy for small and mid-sized business owners to establish or improve their online presence. Your online business will stand out, when you choose outstanding copywriting that draws the attention of both search engines and potential customers.

As Your Personal Copywriter, I Offer:

  • Customized tone and feel to communicate effectively with your audience – while retaining your personal style.
  • Powerfully engaged customers who are encouraged to return with their friends, dramatically increasing your business’ online exposure.
  • SEO evaluation of your current website, retaining your vision while including the best keywords for your business, creatively optimized to bring the visitors who need your services the most.
  • Enhanced search engine position for your target market with top key words and phrases that connect to your clients’ needs and desires.
  • Persuasive copy that encourages your visitors to convert enthusiastically – to Click, Join, Subscribe, and Buy Now!
  • Improved relationships between you and your customers while earning their respect – inviting them to share your vision and follow your online presence.
  • Action-driven web copy that gives compelling reasons and clear direction – so your visitors know WHY and HOW they should choose to do business with you.
  • Increased credibility and authenticity – positioning your business as a top competitor with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.
  • Specialized copywriting packages that go beyond basic web pages: blogging, article marketing, landing pages, newsletters, ad copy, press releases, social networking – tailor made for your online business success– at satisfying price points to keep your overhead low.

Discover What Effective Copywriting Can Do For Your Business Today!

Email me at so we may discuss how your online business can benefit from clear, crisp web copy today. Thank you, and I look forward to helping you find the business success you need!


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